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07 – Conscious Birthing

Manex Ibar February 22, 2020 15 5

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07 – Spirit Bytes – Conscious Birthing

It all begins at birth! Actually, we should start at conception, where conscious conception would be an ideal place to co-create together and make conscious life. Today we can do better with our birthing. It’s a tragedy that there isn’t more research on different birthing techniques, as there is a lot of demand for alternatives to the cold and often surgical birthing process that overcrowded hospitals or expensive private clinics offer.

Simply cutting the cord of the baby at a different time would already create less wounds. The biggest scar on our body is the belly button, which comes from cutting the cord with our mothers. When this happens, 70% of humanity has a separation issues due to the improper cutting of the umbilical cord.

Basically, if you cut the umbilical cord too early, before the child has gotten naturally to the breast, then the child will have separation issues. Why don’t we stop this practice?

Episode 07 – Spirit Bytes – Conscious Birthing by Manex Ibar
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    07 – Conscious Birthing
    Manex Ibar

07 - Spirit Bytes - Conscious Birthing

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Manex Ibar

An active spiritual speaker and author, reputed ceremonial leader, and powerful business guide, Manex Ibar is a visionary guardian of Nature’s hidden secret wisdom & mysteries, guiding people towards their true nature and connection to Source awareness. Manex is a multi-talented spiritual scientist and entrepreneur of consciousness and sustainable life systems, guiding individuals and businesses towards optimization through a combination of modalities including Human Design, Energetics, Remote Viewing, Shamanism, Kabbala, and genetics. Born with clairvoyance abilities and heightened intuition, he is deeply invested in science, media, sound, nature, and spirituality. The breadth of his profession and studies allow him to travel the world, encountering many consciousnesses and cultures. Following his father’s footsteps, a renowned physicist, Manex graduated from NYU as a sound engineer with minors in physics & math, combining his love of music and science. In the digital audio field, Manex was sought after for his vision, leadership, and technical understanding.

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