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08 – Spirit Bytes – Addiction & Plant Consciousness

Manex Ibar March 26, 2020 15 5

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08 Spirit Bytes by Manex Ibar | Addictions & Plant Consciousness

Sadh Guru was asked about Tobacco and how to stop it as it is bad. Usually I find Sadh Guru to be quite right on, but here I feel like he deflected and did not get into the real aspect of the nature of plants! This is a very religious concept to make plants and animal ingestion a bad thing, when in reality, all of our food and medicine is plant and animal based, and so the real question is to know how to dose and what the plants are giving us. The original Sadh Guru talk

In this episode, Manex Ibar discusses the reality of plant consciousness and how there are differences between the plants – some are healers, others teachers, others master plants. Each plant has a conscious awareness that it provides as we ingest or use it. Not all plants have a negative effect on us, and some can actually increase our awareness and awaken certain gifts that are innately within us, but bringing that awareness helps us open the door to that consciousness. Some plants, like tobacco, have a very long history with humans, and have helped us ground and deal with our grief (which most of humanity is grieving from our sad state of affairs since about 2000 years).

The importance about addiction is to truly understand what the plant was giving you at the time, and what was it supporting. Then you have to truly evaluate whether you still need this or not. From there, a ceremonial ritual of cutting energetic ties, like a breaking up, needs to happen. If you do it without consciousness and gratitude for the relationship you’ve had, the plant will continue needing your energy and feeding off you. This will create a very difficult aspect and can lead to failure, and the addiction (or link) continues. See we are all frequencies and everything is a conscious frequencies.

Episode 08 – Spirit Bytes By Mystic Manex Ibar – Addiction and Plant Consciousness

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    08 – Spirit Bytes – Addiction & Plant Consciousness
    Manex Ibar

08 Spirit Bytes by Manex Ibar | Addictions & Plant Consciousness

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Manex Ibar

An active spiritual speaker and author, reputed ceremonial leader, and powerful business guide, Manex Ibar is a visionary guardian of Nature’s hidden secret wisdom & mysteries, guiding people towards their true nature and connection to Source awareness. Manex is a multi-talented spiritual scientist and entrepreneur of consciousness and sustainable life systems, guiding individuals and businesses towards optimization through a combination of modalities including Human Design, Energetics, Remote Viewing, Shamanism, Kabbala, and genetics. Born with clairvoyance abilities and heightened intuition, he is deeply invested in science, media, sound, nature, and spirituality. The breadth of his profession and studies allow him to travel the world, encountering many consciousnesses and cultures. Following his father’s footsteps, a renowned physicist, Manex graduated from NYU as a sound engineer with minors in physics & math, combining his love of music and science. In the digital audio field, Manex was sought after for his vision, leadership, and technical understanding.

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