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An introduction to Human Design

Manex Ibar April 7, 2020 8

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Human Design is an incredible wisdom system that allows us to understand our unique energetic form so that we can individually understand how to function in alignment with ourselves. Founded in 1987 through a mystical experience, the knowledge is so profound in helping each of us understand our conditioning and our elevated being.

I have been studying HD for the last 13 years and have been fascinated by the depth of knowledge that this tool provides. It has helped me understand my basic mechanics and helps me understand the base of being human; how to make proper decisions that are correct for your health and sustainability as an unique individual.

While having my teenage rebellion, my mother said “you didn’t come out with a manual of how to raise you”…which made me think and ponder for many years. This was true, we all don’t come out of the womb with our unique manual of operation. We grow up in our environment with our parents beliefs, then we go to school with that system of beliefs, and usually go to work and continue. The actual glory of being human is how unique and different we are, how rich the human diversity is, and yet, we live in a very homogenized world. It’s quite something!

So how do we de-condition ourselves, how do we find that unique gift that we all have. I spent a lot of time with indigenous people, shamans, and master Buddhists, Zen masters, and clairvoyants, that taught me many techniques. When Human Design came into my life, it truly helped me understand in a mechanical and fascinating way how i could really amplify that uniqueness and allow for my conditioning to disappear.

It’s still work and it does take 7 years before your reconditioning happens. Mostly it will allow your body to relax into its existence, so that you can hear its messages and its innate wisdom. It will change your life from living in your head to living with your body, harmonizing with nature.

I’ve recorded an introduction to human design so that you could begin your journey, and if you want to dive deeper, I do have an online introduction course available at

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Manex Ibar

An active spiritual speaker and author, reputed ceremonial leader, and powerful business guide, Manex Ibar is a visionary guardian of Nature’s hidden secret wisdom & mysteries, guiding people towards their true nature and connection to Source awareness. Manex is a multi-talented spiritual scientist and entrepreneur of consciousness and sustainable life systems, guiding individuals and businesses towards optimization through a combination of modalities including Human Design, Energetics, Remote Viewing, Shamanism, Kabbala, and genetics. Born with clairvoyance abilities and heightened intuition, he is deeply invested in science, media, sound, nature, and spirituality. The breadth of his profession and studies allow him to travel the world, encountering many consciousnesses and cultures. Following his father’s footsteps, a renowned physicist, Manex graduated from NYU as a sound engineer with minors in physics & math, combining his love of music and science. In the digital audio field, Manex was sought after for his vision, leadership, and technical understanding.

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