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HD Intro Course – 03 Science of Energy

Manex Ibar May 31, 2020 13

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Human Design is the science of differentiation. It is what helps us understand our critical difference between each of us, allowing us to understand our uniqueness which is .1% if that. Our humaness is very similar in terms of our mechanics and genetics. We are a code after all. But this mechanics that plays in this virtual playground of consciousness, is what science is actually telling us.

German physicist Werner Heisenberg developed the first equations of quantum mechanics using Matrix mathematics. He deduced that space and time were pixelatedinto indivisible, 3-dimensional Planck length units (similar to the 2D pixels on your computer screen).

Quantum shows us that there is a program that is there…that the universe is hyper-logical, systematic, and in that sense extra-ordinary. The fact that we might live in a hologram, that your body is an avatar, in a real video game is in alignment with sci-fi films like Avatar, or Blade Runner, or Netflix shows Altered Carbon, the Truman Show, Star Wars, the Matrix, Jupiter Rising, and Player One, amongst many others. The fact that our emotions are so strong, and that our mind is so extra-ordinary plastic and formable, or in a way can be programmed, is fascinating. It goes back to the tales and arguments at the birth of psychology with Freud and Hypnosis, understanding the manipulation of the subconscious mind, which holds the programming and energetic rules of the game.

Human Design shows you the mind matrix of energetics, especially your own programming from a universe point of view, which has played out in your life. It was part of the game. Imaging Human Design as a great bio-AI-Hacker tool, that can even show us the neutrino field programming in each moment, past and even future. We can see where we are moving in this pixelated quantum material plane.

The science is fascinating today when it comes to going further the science-fiction about the state of reality.

Becoming aware of the matrix of our personal subconscious and energetics is really the most important aspect towards raising our awareness and being able to start hacking to our peak performance. As they say KNOW THYSELF…


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    HD Intro Course – 03 Science of Energy
    Manex Ibar

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Manex Ibar

An active spiritual speaker and author, reputed ceremonial leader, and powerful business guide, Manex Ibar is a visionary guardian of Nature’s hidden secret wisdom & mysteries, guiding people towards their true nature and connection to Source awareness. Manex is a multi-talented spiritual scientist and entrepreneur of consciousness and sustainable life systems, guiding individuals and businesses towards optimization through a combination of modalities including Human Design, Energetics, Remote Viewing, Shamanism, Kabbala, and genetics. Born with clairvoyance abilities and heightened intuition, he is deeply invested in science, media, sound, nature, and spirituality. The breadth of his profession and studies allow him to travel the world, encountering many consciousnesses and cultures. Following his father’s footsteps, a renowned physicist, Manex graduated from NYU as a sound engineer with minors in physics & math, combining his love of music and science. In the digital audio field, Manex was sought after for his vision, leadership, and technical understanding.

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